Aphrodisiacs from the kitchen!

Aphrodisiacs are divided into those that work thanks to stimulating chemical substances (there are few of them) and those that stimulate our senses, so we take them for pleasure.

This is probably the most seductive fruit. They are sexy, they look like a juicy heart, and at the same time contain vitamin C and zinc.
Secret: try strawberries in chocolate, strawberries in liqueur, strawberry salsa with avocado, strawberry lemonade, muffins with strawberries …

The effectiveness of this vegetable is demonstrated not only by the shape that affects the imagination, but also many desirable ingredients. Asparagus has a positive effect on the immune and nervous system. Already in the sixteenth century in England it was believed that brewed in wine stimulates the body’s lusts.
Secret: vitamins, iron, potassium, phosphorus and fiber, and a very suggestive shape

This imaginative fruit tastes best when coated with bittersweet chocolate. This combination is almost perfect, because chocolate is a recognized enhancer of humor – it triggers serotonin.
Secret: a lot of potassium and magnesium

An avocado
Lots of vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids. Creamy pulp intensifies potency and stimulates to get to know new impressions. The fruit is used to treat impotence and infertility and as a means to fight stress. It also relieves symptoms of fatigue, depression and sudden changes in mood. In addition, it greatly affects the complexion. As the avocado is quite greasy, it also provides energy in the bedroom.
Secret: contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, H, K, PP, E

The exciting action of this aphrodisiac was already known hundreds of years ago. Now it is known that the burning taste causes the production of endorphins that evoke a feeling of pleasure. Thanks to this, chilli releases energy and enhances sex drive. No wonder it is used as a means of impotence. It’s getting hot – it happens thanks to two ingredients. Alkaloids and capsaicin stimulate circulation and stimulate the release of endorphins.
Secret: stimulates the production of endorphins

The fact that chocolate affects the secretion of endorphins – the hormones of happiness is known not from today. This is due to the phenylethylamine contained in chocolate. This is another reason for the fact that eating chocolate does not have to end up with the extension of the hips by a few centimeters! Chocolate is a product that has a beneficial effect on our body, as you can see in many respects.
Secret: Chocolate stimulates the ordering but 100g is about 550kcal

Nuts and almonds
Nuts, almonds and other delicacies are popular products rich in magnesium, but also in unsaturated fatty acids, which control our hormonal balance, which is the basis for a healthy libido.
Secret: There is nothing left but to eat large amounts of nuts. It’s best together in bed.

Despite the fact that the smell of garlic does not encourage love games, the ingredients contained in it stimulate libido, stimulate circulation in the lower part of the stomach, thus increasing excitement.
Secret: As it turns out, garlic is another vegetable that, besides the power of vitamins, hides a large dose of love power …

One of our favorite aphrodisiacs, eagerly added to many delicious desserts. Vanilla tempts with taste and aroma, undoubtedly arouses desire.
Secret: Remember that vanilla seeds or vanilla oil can be cleverly sneezed in almost every dessert;)

For the love of cooking and for the sake of our customers’ satisfaction, we use all of the above-mentioned natural aphrodisiacs to prepare our meals. Bon Appetit

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