How to lose weight faster!

Have you been trying to lose weight but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t lose those stubborn kilos? As I’m sure you’ve heard before, the best way to lose weight really is by changing your lifestyle for long term results, rather than overnight faddy diets. Slow really is better when it comes […]

The secret is consistency!

So how are those New Year’s Resolutions coming on? We are 9 weeks into the New Year and many of those resolutions may be starting to feel like a drag. The full feeling of over indulgence has long gone, only to be replaced by healthy eating and early morning gym sessions, while it’s dark outside. […]

Cheat meals during Christmas?!

It’s that magnificent time of year again, where we don our ugliest Christmas jumper, get together with our loved ones around the tree, fill our bellies with minced pies and mulled wine and rejoice in all the splendour and overindulgence that Christmas has to offer. It really is wondrous! But with all highs in life, […]

The magic of exercise

We all know diet and exercise are key factors in losing weight, but why does exercise make such a big difference? In suggesting that exercise will help you to lose weight, most people would think of the extra calories burnt during the workout, but what if exercise could continue to help you lose the extra […]

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