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Each of us in our lives once thought about changing the appearance of their body. Women especially might think about it in preparation for their wedding, before a hot date, or to look their best in a bikini during the summer.

Everyone says: “It’s easy, just change your eating habits and increase your physical activity.” But in reality, it is very hard to put into practice. To be truly successful, you need both strong will power regular daily motivation.

A chance for success

1 First consultation with Nutritionist

At Body Chief UK, we know just how hard that can be. So we decided to help fulfill someone’s dreams and invite them to take on the Metamorphosis challenge, with the help of our experienced specialist team of Dietitians, Nutritionists, and personal trainers. The heroine of the transformation was 29-year-old Ewa, an energetic, fun loving, recruitment manager from Rugby.



2 First measurements



She wanted 2018 to be a breakthrough, as she celebrates her 30th birthday in May – she decided it was a good time to change her life. Due to her busy daily schedule and the multitude of duties she had forgotten about the importance of healthy nutrition and physical exercise. Over time, a few kilos started to arrive, reducing her self-confidence and leaving her feeling less energetic. Fortunately, she won the Metamorphosis competition from Body Chief UK and decided to seize the opportunity with incredible determination and made a remarkable change to her lifestyle, diet and in turn her body.





3 important – stop to eat

The WOW effect!

The process of metamorphosis was a tough challenge and far from easy, but Ewa’s results turned out to be fantastic!

In addition to applying our diet, Ewa regularly exercised under the supervision of a personal trainer and underwent care treatments at the OASIS Beauty Clinic from Rugby.







The results she has achieved speak for themselves:

  • Weight loss from 64.4 kg to 58,7 kg
  • Reduction in body fat by 6.3%
  • Increase in muscle mass from 39,9% to 41,1%
  • Waist from 81 cm to 77 cm and Hips from 99 cm to 97 cm
  • Metabolic age from 42 to 27


New life

How did metamorphosis affect Ewa’s life? What was the most difficult? You can read about her experience below.


What was the most difficult for you during the Metamorphosis process with Body Chief?

4 Do your best at training

The worst was probably the weekends when I met with friends. They were eating pizzas, kebabs, drinking drinks, and I had to refuse, although I don’t think it would be particularly difficult. I knew why I was doing this and that sooner or later I would like to thank for it. Fortunately, I have forgiving friends and they support me from the first day in what I do.

How many times in your head was born the question ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I can’t’, ‘Why am I doing it’?

I had a few moments where I woke up in the morning and wanted to cry. Even so, I get up and went to the gym, during the training I said ‘I don’t want to, I don’t have strength, I can’t do it’ but somewhere inside I couldn’t give up. I kept telling myself that I had failed so many times, this time I want to be a Winner.


5 Never give up – results will come

Do you intend to continue an active lifestyle combined with a properly balanced diet?

Of course! A healthy lifestyle isn’t a stranger to me. A few years ago I was leading a healthy and very active life. Thanks to Body Chief UK I came back to my track, where I feel best. I made good eating habits and more. The only change is that I focus more now on strength training than cardio. I assure you that this several-week project is just the beginning.

Which dish from Body Chief especially appealed to you?

It’s hard to answer this question. I really like everything. The diet is so diverse that there is no routine here. If I have to choose, then the cakes / cookies have won my heart (especially cheesecake and brownie). All ‘sweetness’ was a reward for me for what I’m doing.


Are you satisfied with the effects of Metamorphosis?

6 Time to celebrate 30th birthday

Of course! For many weeks looking in the mirror every day, I didn’t see any changes, but other people noticed what motivated me. Centimeters and too big clothes are the perfect proof of how much hard work I put in it. The most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter how many kg you lose during the week. Every person is different. It is important not to give up and consistently pursue your goal. Hard work always pays off

From this place, I would like to thank the whole team for the support I received. I met super people who believed in me more than I did. THANK YOU

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