The magic of exercise

We all know diet and exercise are key factors in losing weight, but why does exercise make such a big difference? In suggesting that exercise will help you to lose weight, most people would think of the extra calories burnt during the workout, but what if exercise could continue to help you lose the extra […]

How spices help your metabolism?

Adequate weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important now. However, achieving the desired weight is not easy, especially considering all the bad habits and temptations that we are bombarded with. Fortunately, there are some spices that can help you speed up your metabolism. In addition, they are easy to incorporate into a regular […]


We all like it! It’s yummy and great for a quick burst of energy. We love it in cakes, ice creams, deserts; it’s great on cereals, spread on toast and in drinks. In today’s society, eating large amounts of sugar is part of everyday life for many people. Chocolate, sweets, cakes and sugary drinks are […]

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