Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions!

So how is the New Year, New You plan working out?

Maybe you began the New Year armed with pinterest motivational images and quotes, new gym clothes and a well thought out diet plan, complete with images of how you’re going to achieve your goal, well documented and etched solidly in your mind. Hopefully you’re starting to see the results of your hard work paying off, now we are one month into 2020. New Years Resolutions are notoriously difficult to stick to and you wouldn’t be alone if you found yourself starting to struggle to maintain the New You! Sometimes maintaining a new habit can take a lot of motivation and determination and just when you think you’re getting somewhere, life will throw you a curve ball. If this sounds familiar, here are a few tips to get you back on track. 

Be realistic!

You more likely to be successful if you chose one or two and really give them your best effort, than if you take on four or five in an attempt to overhaul your entire life, only to fail. Keep your motivation high by setting smaller targets within each goal so you can celebrate small achievements along the way.

Make it fun! Resolutions don’t always have to be laboriously gruelling challenges that involve 5am gym workouts and living on planet lettuce for six months. Why not try ticking some things of your bucket list, visiting all the places you’ve dreamed about or trying a new experience each month. Ski diving anyone?

Yona Larner – BC Diets Nutritionist


Maintain a clear image of the person you want to become and start behaving in that way straight away. You need to think greater than the old you, in order to become greater than the old you. So, don’t wait for the ideal weight to wear your favourite outfit or the perfect day to quit smoking. There is no time like the present!

Create a Vision Board!

Although it may seem a little geeky, it may help you to create a vision board to remind you of what you are trying to achieve and why. It may help to keep you on track during your weak moments if you have a clear image of your goal to fall back on.

Neurons that fire together, wire together!

Neural plasticity is your brains ability to adapt to the new environment and learn new things. So why not use this to your advantage when stating a new resolution. The beginning is the most difficult, whilst these new neural connections are being made and your brain is fighting to remind you of your old self. Stay the course, and not only will it get easier, but these new behaviours will physically become the new you and your new habits.

Take yourself seriously!

Stop worrying about what other people think and focus on what you think. After all, if you can’t take yourself seriously, why would anyone else? So, start putting yourself and your health 1st and do it for you. 

Replace, not remove! Why not chose two resolutions that complement each other, so that you replace an old behaviour with a new one. Such as; quitting smoking and replacing it with a dance class or reading a book; or losing weight and starting a new judo class, volleyball club or social event each week. 

It would not be advisable to attempt quitting smoking and losing weight at the same time as these are both removing something, not to mention incredibly challenging. So, come the New Year you are bored, hungry and miserable. Instead, rather than removing something from your life, replace it with something you enjoy instead.

Love and accept yourself!

Many of us would bend over backwards to help a work colleague, partner or relative but wouldn’t find time for ourselves. Take some valuable “me” time and reassess what and who is important in your life. What nourishes you and helps you grow and what doesn’t. Try to limit sources of stress, take a bath, meditate, read a book and finally book that back massage. Really focus on filling yourself up with love and self respect. Sometimes achieving your goals can be as much about self worth as it is about discipline. 

Try out some or all of the above mental approaches to your goals this year and see if you can increase your success. Good luck ?

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